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Relieving your pain. Improving your function.


Research shows that physical therapy, combined with exercise and education, can help patients return to a pain-free life and the activities they enjoy.

Ankle Pain

If you are experiencing ankle pain, physical therapy can get you back on your feet while reducing the risk of further injury.

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Back Pain

Back pain affects most people at some point, but physical therapy is uniquely qualified to help you feel better without addictive medications.

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Chronic Pain

Many factors can lead to persistent pain, and physical therapy offers a wide range of services that can narrow down and treat the underlying problems.

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Elbow Pain

From sports to overuse injuries, physical therapy has effective techniques for easing elbow pain.

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Foot Pain

Foot pain can make everyday activities difficult, but physical therapy can help reduce pain while improving strength and balance.

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General Weakness

Overall body weakness can make everyday tasks difficult, but physical therapy has a variety of techniques that can help restore strength.

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Hand & Wrist Pain

Our therapists specialize in treating injuries of the hand and wrist. We can help prevent injury or impairment, restore functional activity and enhance daily activities of living.

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Headaches & Migraines

Headaches may be the result of a neck or jaw problem, poor posture, fatigue, or stress. Physical therapy can help manage and alleviate the pain associated with headaches and migraines.

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Knee Pain

Physical therapy offers numerous techniques that can ease knee pain, which may include strengthening, electric stimulation and more.

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Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Injury

A motor vehicle accident can have both immediate and delayed physical effects, and physical therapy has a wide range of services to help.

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Neck Pain

Most neck pain is caused by a joint or muscle problem, and physical therapy may be the perfect solution to help ease your pain and discomfort.

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Pre/Post Surgical

The road to recovery doesn't have to wait until after surgery. Both pre and post op rehab contribute to a successful recovery.

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Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is complicated with many possible causes of pain, and physical therapy can identify and relieve the pain at its source.

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TMJ Rehab

TMJ pain can limit the normal function of the jaw. Physical therapists are skilled in providing treatment for those seeking relief from pain and discomfort.

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Vertigo, the sensation or illusion of spinning, can have many root causes. Physical therapy can help diagnose and determine your best course of treatment.

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